Dana Larsen’s Overgrow Canada pot-seed campaign. We gave away cannabis seeds free of charge to anyone who asked for them. Pre-register now for 2018!


Dana Larsen’s Overgrow Canada pot-seed campaign.
We gave away cannabis seeds free of charge to anyone who asked for them. Pre-register now for 2018!


Vancouver pot activist calls for open cultivation of cannabis plants
Patrick Johnston
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Published on: July 23, 2017 | Last Updated: July 23, 2017 4:21 PM PDT

A cannabis plant in every yard?

That could be the slogan for Dana Larsen’s Overgrow Canada pot-seed campaign.


The marijuana advocate led a project this year to give away 5 million cannabis seeds this year; last year he and his colleagues gave away 2.5 million.

“We’re encouraging people to plant them openly,” he said Sunday. “The goal is to normalize cannabis growing.”

It’s a continuation of a civil disobedience campaign, following on from the growth of bong shops and dispensaries in many communities across Canada.

A cannabis plant found growing in a flower bed at Vancouver City Hall. Dana Larsen / Overgrow Canada

One of his contacts spotted a pair of cannabis plants growing in the flower beds around Vancouver city hall. That was a great thing to see, he said.

“I want to be in a country where growing a plant in your front is a common thing,” he said.

Cannabis plants growing wild aren’t any more dangerous than other plants he pointed out.

“I look at my yard, there’s morning glory taking over — it’s actually hallucinogenic,” he said. “So don’t feel there’s any concern about that. There’s no harm being near a cannabis plant.”

“Munching on a cannabis bud, nothing’s going to happen at all. It’s not actually nice to chew on, it’s not like a bright red berry that grows everywhere and is toxic to kids.”


Get Free Seeds
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Registrations for this year’s cannabis seed give away are CLOSED. Pre-register now for 2018!
If you signed up for the 2017 Overgrow Canada campaign, and have not yet received your seeds, they will still be sent. Our volunteers are busy preparing the last packages and will be mailing them out soon. Most folks should receive their free cannabis seeds by the first week of May.

Dana Larsen has given away five million cannabis seeds to Canadians from coast to coast. Now let the planting begin!
Learn how to germinate your seeds here. Do not just scatter seeds over the soil, as they will not survive. Seeds must be planted about one inch under loose soil to sprout naturally. For best results, sprout them at home and let them grow at least a few inches tall before transplanting outdoors. ‎The bigger and stronger they are before transplanting outdoors, the better.

We recommend planting them at City Hall, in front of the local police station, in storefront planters, and other highly visible public places. Make sure to send us a photo as soon as you plant the cannabis!

We gave away cannabis seeds free of charge to anyone who asked for them. It costs us about $2.50 to pack and ship each envelope. We encourage you to donate a couple of dollars to help cover these costs, but donations are not mandatory.

Thank you for being part of the Overgrow Canada campaign! You can see photos and follow the campaign on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/OvergrowCanada/photos/?ref=page_internal.
If you have questions, please send us an email at jennifer.overgrowcanada@gmail.com


The Overgrow Canada seed giveaway is for Canadians only.
We do not mail seeds outside of Canada.


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