de canards dans la marre

all ducks and monkeys ,telling stuff Like:

they studied that ,
they said that,
who are they ?
which studies and reliable one they did and what was the sample of human and for how long!
stop selling GMO and all crap making the people sick!
each person does not have the same metabolism.
-Trudeau and the gov are in a hurry to legalize recreational because they might have friends involved in the production and doing business with them may be ,who knows .
but they refused to legalized the therapeutic dispensary and ordered to raid them!

-Where is the logical aspect?
-There is a huge hypocrisies of course.
-They don't stop talking about health safety .
if it is not safe and healthy why Trudeau and the gov woulds like to legalize the recreational and not the therapeutic?
If citizen are not sick ,please don't consume the legal recreational pot that will be toxic of course!thank you and kind regards.

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