Cannabis Club Gives Away Free Weed At Community Clean-Up. Changing Stoner Stereotypes...

Over the weekend a cannabis club in Colorado Springs, Colorado organized a park clean up event. The clean up was designed to bring together community service and cannabis. And for people who showed up, the best part of all was that the club gave a free joint to everybody who helped.

The Details

The clean up event was hosted by The Pothole Cannabis Club. The club gave a free joint to any adult 21 years or older who helped pick up trash at a local park called Bancroft Park. It also gave free non-pot themed gifts to people who helped clean up but who were younger than 21.

From what local reports said, it sounds like the entire thing was a huge success. The group of folks who got together to pick up trash bagged more than 100 bags of trash. And to top it all off there was some serious green going around.

This wasn’t the first community clean up put on by The Pothole Cannabis Club. The group has organized a handful of other similar events at other parks throughout Colorado Springs.

Changing Stoner Stereotypes

The project wasn’t only about helping clean up a community park. It was also about changing some of the negative stereotypes about cannabis and cannabis users that continue to persist.

Members of The Pothole Cannabis Club said they organized the event to show people in Colorado Springs that they’re more than just stoner bums.

“They think we are just some stoners that just get high and don’t have no lives or no kids or have any responsibilities. It’s not like that,” said Pothole owner Steve Pacheco.

“We’re just like them. We’re just normal, like-minded people smoking cannabis. There’s not a bar or another cannabis club out there that’s doing positive things. And I’m just trying to hold to my word that I said in the beginning and do positive impacts.”

Colorado is one of only four states that have legalized recreational cannabis. It’s also legal in Washington D.C. Many pot shops and cannabis companies throughout these states have tried to debunk negative myths and stereotypes about cannabis users.

Along with The Pothole Cannabis Club’s most recent event, a group in Denver called Cannabis Can focuses on helping homeless people. Last winter, they worked to raise awareness about homelessness. They also gave away 1,000 joints for free as part of their campaign.


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