About the Bloc Pot

The Bloc Pot is a political party in the province of Quebec, Canada, that is dedicated to ending cannabis prohibition and setting the ground for a more sensible and comprehensive drug policy. Since 1998, the Bloc Pot has contested two general elections and several by-elections. In 2000, its members helped launch the Marijuana Party of Canada in order to lobby the federal government more efficiently.

Not a "single-issue party"

A key component of the Bloc Pot platform is our commitment to provide greater accessibility to medical marijuana, as a way of ensuring the fundamental right to health. In setting up the Montreal Compassion Club in 1999 and running it ever since, some of our members have acquired a wide range of relevant hands-on experience, and thus contributed to a greater acceptance of this natural medicine among mainstream politicians and the general public.

Through education, we encourage responsible behaviour among recreational drug users—no matter the legal status of the substance they choose to consume. Our activism is not limited to health and safety issues, though : we also promote the use of hemp derivatives, as economically and ecologically sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels and hazardous petrochemical products.

The Bloc Pot has contributed to the broader political debate by adding its voice to that of many politicians, NGOs and fringe parties advocating the reform of Quebec electoral laws. The first past the post plurality voting system, currently in use in the U.S. and most Commonwealth countries, undermines citizens' confidence in their capacity to make a true difference. This is why we want to implement proportional representation as a way to foster participatory democracy.

As you can see, the Bloc Pot is more than a "single-issue party", although much of our framework for future policy-making won't materialize as long as prohibitionist laws are not repelled. Hence, "anti-prohibitionist" is the label that has best described us so far.

Last but not least, we like to share a joint and have FUN ! We work on a consensual rather than authoritarian mode. Our candidates are allowed to interpret the official platform and the guidelines provided on this website as they wish.

Feel free to contact us and get involved !