High Times' 27th Annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. You will need to bring your own at the Expo

High Times Protests Dutch Efforts to Shut Down the Cup

Despite reports of its cancellation, High Times' 27th Annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam will soldier on, according to the magazine. "We are dedicated to the success of the event no matter the struggle," they posted on Facebook.

Just days before today's scheduled start of the Dutch Cup, High Times lost the Expo venue, Radion, leaving all the vendors up in the air for a new location. A limited Exp will take place a the Melkveg, where High Times hosts nightly music events.

"This morning we were informed that if were to proceed with the Cannabis Cup Expo the event would be shut down and all participants would be arrested," High Times reported on the post, Turmoil at Amsterdam Cup. "We want everyone to know that seminars will continue as scheduled on Monday and Tuesday at the Melkweg. We will announce the location of Wednesday’s and Thursday’s seminars in the next 24 hours. Concerts and the Cannabis Cup awards show remain scheduled. We still intend to have a terrific Cannabis Cup experience. We’ll be seeing you at the seminars, in the coffeeshops and at the Melkweg concerts."

Still, others on Facebook are posting, "The cup has been canceled" (Jesse Gonzo DeVries) and "I guess the cup over in Amsterdam is officially canceled " (Chris Wellington).

High Times has had problems with Dutch authorities for several years, going back to 2011, when the Expo was raided and shut down by Amsterdam police.

"Here are the new rules that we must follow," High Times explains:

"1) Expo attendees and those working the booths will only be allowed up to 5 grams of personal cannabis or hash.

2) Security will be on hand to search bags and back bags and will confiscate amounts over the 5 grams.

3) Solvent-based cannabis extracts are not legal under Dutch law. You will not be allowed to bring shatter, wax or torches into the Expo.

4) Vendors are not allowed to distribute or share cannabis or cannabis-related products with the attendees. The mayor’s office is strictly enforcing this NO cannabis distribution law - to smoke at the Expo you will need to bring your own."


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