Cisjordanie: Give cannabis a chance - 'Green peace' in West Bank ?


Give cannabis a chance
24.01.2012?|?Courrier international

Entre le village palestinien de Hawara, en Cisjordanie, et les colons installés aux alentours, les relations sont exécrables. Mais il existe au moins un terrain d’entente. Lors d’une opération antidrogue, les enquêteurs ont découvert que la liste des clients des dealers palestiniens incluait des colons juifs des villages “très marqués idéologiquement” comme Yitzhar, Itamar et Har Bracha, rapporte le site de Yedioth Aharonoth.,7340,L-4179491,00.html

'Green peace' in West Bank

Surprising coexistence in Judea and Samaria: Palestinian dealers sold drugs to settlers

Akiva Novick Published: 01.23.12, 12:19 / Israel News

Giving peace a chance? Settlers from the Tapuch Junction area in the West Bank are suspected of purchasing drugs from none other than their Palestinian neighbors in the village of Hawara.

Last week, police in Judea and Samaria completed a complex narcotics investigation and detained several Arabs, including terror operatives, on drug-dealing suspicions.

Police officers investigating the case were subsequently surprised to discover that the dealers' client list included settlers from some highly ideological communities, including Yitzhar, Itamar and Har Bracha.

Four Jewish clients were detained as part of the probe.

The Arab-Jewish drug connection was especially unexpected as Hawara is considered a hostile village whose members often clash with settlers living nearby. The area usually makes headlines in violent connotations, and Israeli motorists have been stoned in the village on several occasions. The village has also been targeted as part of the settlers' "price tag" operations.

"This is actually encouraging," Itamar resident Aviel said in response to the affair. "You can see that there are no drug dealers around here, and even the people who do drugs occasionally are forced to buy from Arabs. Of course, we would prefer not to see such phenomena here at all."


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