McGill does doob

The Mirror, 24 mars 2005
By Patrick Lejtenyi

With the decriminalization debate, the Mayerthorpe killings, former Marijuana Party chief Marc-Boris St-Maurice's defection to the Liberals, and his current legal battles, confused pot aficionados may want to hear some straight talk about their favourite weed.

This Thursday, March 24, the McGill NDP hosts a screening of the documentary Grass and a panel discussion about Canada's drug policy. On said panel will be the provincial Bloc Pot's Hugo St-Onge, unhappy about the current state of the marijuana discussion. "I think there's going to be a backlash against marijuana," he says. "You see the police are getting meaner, and the media is getting unfriendlier."

St-Maurice, meanwhile, was in court last week at a pre-trial hearing hoping to get his March 2004 arrest quashed. He argues that, because he was arrested at the Bloc Pot's Rachel E. HQ, and by undercover cops who infiltrated the party, it contravened his Charter rights. He appears in court again on May 3.

The screening/discussion takes place at the Leacock Auditorium (815 Sherbrooke W.) at 6 pm, free.