Medical cannabis: Think of the children Fckin prohibitionists !? (Think about the children ?) PITTSBURGH —Children desperate for help, families scared of breaking the law.

By Sally Wiggin
(REPLAY) Chronicle: Compassion and Cannabis

Orginal Air Date: Friday, June 24, 2016
UPDATED 11:56 AM EDT Jun 27, 2016

PITTSBURGH —Children desperate for help, families scared of breaking the law. Chronicle: Compassion and Cannabis examines the lengthy battle for Pennsylvania families to gain legal access to cannabis oil. The hour-long program provided viewers with important information on the difference between medical cannabis oil and recreational marijuana.

“The families we focus on believe legalizing medical marijuana was crucial for their children’s quality of life,” said WTAE President & General Manager Charles W. Wolfertz III. “This installment of Chronicle takes an in-depth look at how the relentless determination of the parents changed the minds of lawmakers, when it came to this controversial subject.”

Hosted by Sally Wiggin, Chronicle: Compassion and Cannabis follows the personal journey of local families, including Amy and Jamie Houk of New Castle, PA. The Houks’ 5-year-old son suffers from frequent seizures and struggled to find relief. Chronicle travels to Colorado, where cannabis oil has been legally manufactured and distributed as medicine. And Chronicle was there as families lobbied Pennsylvania lawmakers in the halls of the State Capitol month after month, until their desperate pleas were finally heard.

“The access we were given, proved paramount to telling this important story,” said Wiggin. “We are forever grateful to the families, who allowed us to show their daily struggles in their long journey to victory – the passing of medical marijuana. They didn’t want to break the law, they wanted to change it for their children.”


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