On July 21, The Guardian reported that tens of thousands of cannabis seeds had been planted in Göttingen





Cannabis plants sown by protesters cover Göttingen

July 22, 2013
By: Matthew Reece
On July 21, The Guardian reported that tens of thousands of cannabis seeds that had been planted in Göttingen, Germany by drug legalization advocates have sprouted all over the town.

A group called A Few Autonomous Flower Children spread several kilograms of cannabis seeds around the town in June in protest of the “restrictive drug laws” in Germany.

Police have been destroying some of the plants, but the sheer number of them has made their elimination difficult. A police spokeswoman said, “Officers are expecting to see a huge rise in the number of cannabis plants in public areas. Officers have been told to be vigilant and destroy any plants they see.”

Local resident Marcus Baum said of the event, “The cannabis plants are sprouting up everywhere. They removed the ones from the police station very quickly, but the plants are coming up in parks and gardens everywhere. Some are even growing in window boxes.”

This is the second such effort by AFAFC. “The legalization of cannabis is a matter of interest for us,” said a spokesman for the group. “A similar cannabis seed planting protest took place last year in Göttingen, but on a much smaller scale; now the cannabis seeds are spread out across the whole city. We can’t set eyes on this useful and beautiful plant, because it is absolutely forbidden in Germany to grow it. It is incomprehensible why cannabis, unlike alcohol, cannot be legally purchased. The ban on the cultivation of cannabis seeds is absurdly strict and our actions are a sign against the demonization of cannabis. The criminalization of cannabis brings consumers in contact with criminal gangs, where harder drugs also circulate.”

The acts of civil disobedience have found support among members of the Greune Jugend Göttingen, the youth wing of the German Green Party, who have started a photo contest on their website for people to send in pictures of cannabis plants sprouting up throughout the city.

From a philosophical libertarian perspective, laws against growing and consuming cannabis violate the logical rights of bodily ownership and property ownership, as the law calls for the initiation of force against those who exercise their logical rights in such a way.


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