Hitler's Youth or Big Brother syndrome: Teen calls police over parents' 2 cannabis plants



Teen calls police over parents' 2 cannabis plants

7:33 PM Tuesday Apr 2, 2013

File photo / NZ Herald

A North Canterbury couple managed to keep two cannabis plants, that were ready to be harvested, secret until their daughter found them in the backyard and dobbed them in.

A police spokesman said an 18-year-old phoned police on Saturday after finding two large cannabis plants "nestled amongst the shrubs" at their Woodend property.

The girl's parents were away for the Easter break and she "stumbled" across the plants with her friends, who were visiting.

"She told police she was pretty sure the plants belonged to either one or both of her parents. She called police immediately and it was a good thing she did. She took a stand against drugs," he said.

Both plants, which were about 1.5 metres tall and were "near harvest", were seized by police.

"She was confronted with an ethical dilemma. So often we say the older generation are wiser than the younger. Maybe we didn't get that right. The parents will be interviewed by police this week and they are aware the plants had been seized," he said.



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