Willie Dodges Felony Pot Charge; Urges Donations To Sheriff annual Christmas toy drive.



Willie Dodges Felony Pot Charge; Urges Donations To Sheriff
By Steve Elliott ~alapoet~ in Culture, News
Monday, Dec. 6 2010 @ 2:20PM

Willie Nelson's arrest on November 26 for marijuana possession led to speculation that the country music legend might have to do prison time, because the six-ounce amount initially reported constituted a felony in Texas. But officials later "determined the amount" of pot to be only four ounces, earning the 77-year-old misdemeanor charge instead.

After cops "analyzed the case," they "realized" the amount of pot was only about four ounces, which, whadda ya know, means a lesser charge.

Now, is it really possible that local law enforcement there in Hudspeth County, Texas is so deeply incompetent as to over-weigh the evidence by 50 percent? Or did they -- reacting to the monsoon of negative media coverage they got for booking and charging the elderly Nelson -- "lose" a couple of ounces so they could knock the charged down to a misdemeanor, with a $4,000 fine and a maximum year in the county jail?

Who knows... But who really cares, because either way, the good news is, Nelson will likely not have to do any jail time, reports Georgette Cline at The Boot. He had initially faced the possibility of two years in prison plus a $10,000 fine

Willie's still not sorry that he smokes weed. He responded to his most recent arrest by forming a Facebook group to support his new Teapot Party, which he said will try to bring about political change in the legalization of marijuana.

While fellow Texans including Kinky Friedman and lawyer Dick DeGuerin expressed outrage and Nelson's treatment by the Hudspeth County Sheriff's Office, Nelson reacted differently, reports Patrick Doyle at Rolling Stone.

On his website, Nelson is asking fans to donate to the Sheriff's annual Christmas toy drive.

"For what it's worth, we appreciate the mention and we're glad to take any donations for the children of Hudspeth County," said Chief Deputy Mike Doyal. "We think that's pretty good."

"We handled it as easily as we could and still do our job," Deputy Doyal said of Nelson's arrest. "The man's what, 77 years old? What are we gonna do to him? He was very cooperative and nice and pleasant to be around."

But Nelson's friend and smoking buddy Snoop Dogg sounded off to website TMZ about the arrest.

"They better leave Willie the fuck alone, man," Snoop said. "Willie Nelson is a legend. Sometimes you need to back up off of certain people and have a certain amount of respect for your elders. And Willie Nelson is our elder."

"Willie Nelson is my motherfuckin' people," Snoop said. "If you got a problem with Willie Nelson, you got a problem with me."


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