Bloc Pot launches 'reeferendum'

CBC News, February 24, 2007 | 8:36 PM ET

Quebec's pro-weed political party the Bloc Pot kicked off its provincial election campaign with a call for a "reeferendum" on marijuana use.

The so-called fringe party called on Quebecers to share their opinion in an online survey about legalizing marijuana.

Bloc Pot spokesman Hugô St. Onge said marijuana prohibition makes no sense, and many Quebecers agree with him.

"The Bloc Pot is not absurd, prohibition is absurd. We have the winning conditions to end prohibition," he said Friday.

Marijuana should be legal for people 18 and older, in order to prevent weed use in the Quebec's school system, said Bloc Pot candidate Dominic Béland.

"You would not tolerate a drunk teacher at school, and we should not tolerate stoned kids at school. It doesn't make any sense for education."

Results from the "reeferendum" will be released before the end of the Quebec election campaign, said the Bloc Pot.

The party is running candidates in 50 ridings in the March 26 provincial election.