Beyond Prohibition: Changing Attitudes in Policy and Practice – 1st Annual CSSDP National Conference, March 16-18, 2007

Beyond Prohibition: Changing Attitudes in Policy and Practice, the 1st Annual CSSDP National Conference, is hosted by the Harm Reduction Centre at McGill University in cooperation with SSDP.

The Details

  • Date: March 16 - 18, 2007
  • Place: McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Registration Cost: FREE with breakfast and vegan lunch included! ( Canadian students who register online. $5 suggested donation at the door.)

Speakers and students from all across Canada and the U.S. will convene so that we can discuss:

  • Domestic and international drug policy and how it affects Canadians, especially those in marginalized communities;
  • Community harm reduction and drug policy reform initiatives;
  • Setting up your own chapter, lobbying government for change and establishing a presence for your organization in the media;
  • Providing harm reduction and safe space services on your campus

The conference will also be a great opportunity to meet other student activists, build relationships and explore possibilities for future collaboration.

A vital component of this conference is the development of a national mandate and elections for the first ever CSSDP Board of Directors. CSSDP is a growing sister organization of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, an organization that originated in the United States. Chapters have popped up around the country in Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver and more. Since this is the first CSSDP conference, it's important that you get involved and help shape our plan of action for the upcoming year. We want to hear from you!

CSSDP is excited to extend the opportunity for our delegates to experience Montreal and would like to facilitate this as much as possible. For those delegates who require accommodations in Montreal, lodging in the network of student homes in the heart of Montreal can be found for you at no cost.

CSSDP recognizes that travel costs are sometimes prohibitive and would like to see that delegates from all across the country and all walks of life have the opportunity to participate in the conference. Delegates with financial need can apply online for scholarships.

The bottom-line is that we want to see you at the Conference! This is the first-ever opportunity for Canadian student drug reformers to get together and make real change.

Don't miss out, register today!

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